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Resource Packets

These resource packets group most of the individual resources listed below into larger collections.

A Historical Perspective on the Arab-Israeli Conflict and Peace Process
Five lesson plans with maps, activities, primary source documents, and handouts

Judaism and Jewish History Curricular Resource Packet
A collection of stand-alone teacher's guides and lesson plans

Individual Resources Arranged By Topic

General Resources for Lessons on Jewish History or Judaism

Guess Who: Introductory Activity for Lessons on Jews or Judaism
Lesson plan and character cards that show the diversity of Jews in popular culture

Using Popular Music to Close Lessons on Jews and Judaism
Lesson plan and lyric sheet

Are Jews a Religious Group or an Ethnic Group?
Fact sheet explaining that Jews don't fit perfectly into predefined categories

Ancient Jewish History

Understanding Terms for Lessons on Ancient Israelites and the Hebrew Bible
Description of different terms for the Jewish people and their ancestors, their homeland, and their sacred scripture

Ancient Jewish History: A Teacher's Guide
Teacher's guide with a list of key points and a narrative summary

Medieval Jewish History

Jews in Medieval History: A Teacher's Guide
Teacher's guide with a list of key points and a narrative summary

Medieval European Antisemitism and Connections to Intolerance in America
Lesson plan with student handout

Jewish American History

Jews in American History: A Teacher's Guide
Guide identifying Jewish American history that can enrich existing curricula

The History of Jews in America
Lesson plan and student readings

Late 19th and Early 20th Century Immigration
to America Through the Lens of Jewish Experiences

Lesson plan and student worksheet

Judaism and Social Justice

Online Presentation: Using Jewish American History
in the Social Studies Classroom

Ways to enrich American History curricula with case studies from early American History

Many Voices from the Gold Rush
First person accounts from people of diverse backgrounds arranged by topic
(you may download the entire 16.6 mb file above or individual chapters below)

Title Page

Holocaust Resources

Due to the large number of outstanding resources for teaching about the Holocaust, ICS does not develop its own curricular materials on this subject. Please visit our external links for a selection of websites with classroom activities and materials on the Holocaust.


A Historical Perspective on the Arab-Israeli Conflict and Peace Process (print pdf version)
Five lesson plans with maps, activities, primary source documents, and handouts
(You may download the entire file above or individual lessons below)

Table of Contents & Introduction

Lesson I: Context and Background to Understanding Arab-Israeli Relations (print pdf version)

Lesson II: Broken Promises Made to Arabs and Jews During World War I (print pdf version)

Lesson III: British Mandate, UN Partition Plan, and the State of Israel (print pdf version)

Lesson IV: The Continuing Conflict and Steps Toward Peace (1967-Today) (print pdf version)

Lesson V: Unresolved Issues in the Arab-Israeli Conflict (print pdf version)

The Arab-Israeli Conflict: Early Connections (Site Under Construction)
Interactive web lesson that examines early Jewish, Christian, and muslim connections to the region at the heart of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

An Overview of Key Events Since 1967, Interactive Timeline

Timeline of the Arab-Israeli Conflict and Peace Process
A chronological list of major events with descriptions

Zionism and Arab Nationalism: Essential Information
Background for understanding Zionism and Arab Nationalism

The British Mandate for Palestine Fact Sheet
Brief overview of the history of the British mandate for Palestine

Jews from the Middle East and North Africa
Brief history of Jews with Middle Eastern and North African Ancestry

Jewish Refugees from the Middle East and North Africa
Lesson plan which develops social studies content knowledge while utilizing AP literacy strategies to analyze primary source documents.

Environmental Challenges and Regional Cooperation in the Middle East
Lesson plan on some of the major environmental challenges in the Middle East and ways that Israelis and their Arab neighbors are cooperating to meet these challenges.


Key Teachings of Judaism
One and a half page fact sheet on Judaism's most important teachings

What Is Judaism?
Secondary source reading and worksheet

Judaism and Western Civilization
Student handout that uses primary source quotes to explore Judaism's impact on Western Civilization

Judaism and Social Justice

Judaism Photo Gallery Tour
Lesson plan, image sheets, and worksheet to supplement a lesson on Judaism

Branches of Judaism Fact Sheet
Brief description of four largest branches of Judaism in America

Teaching Jewish Holidays
Lesson plan, handout, and game to teach about eight important Jewish holidays

Additional resources including Guidelines for Teaching about Religion in Public Schools and Backgrounds on Jewish Observances are available on the Religion and the Public Schools page.

Judaism and Social Justice

GIANTS in the Social Justice Movement
This resource features noted Jewish leaders in social justice movements and can be used as a stand-alone reference for students or in complement to the lesson Guess Who: Introductory Activity for Lessons on Jews and Judaism.

Fulfilling Jewish Values Through Social Justice
This list, although not comprehensive, provides opportunities to research the application and realization of Jewish values through social justice organizations in the United States and Israel.

Social Justice Through a Jewish Lens
Primary source excerpts from Jewish teachings which provide a lens to understand and act upon the most important social justice issues in our communities. This can be used as a stand-alone resource or in complement to the lesson Judaism and Western Civilization.

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